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    Re: Steelers Ink Antonio Brown

    Quote Originally Posted by JAB1985 View Post
    Didnt some teams, like us, only single cover him the majority of the time. He had decent games against us 6/100 and 4/70 roughlty iirc, but i thought we pretty much manned up against him. As did some others to varying degrees of success.
    He didn't have the best of games in 2011 when playing us, but we were also playing our best corner on him (Webb) all game, I think anyway could be wrong. He didn't exactly burn us like he did most other teams that year.

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    Re: Steelers Ink Antonio Brown

    Quote Originally Posted by psuasskicker View Post
    Yes he is.

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    I'd ask you to prove it, but frankly I know you'll throw out some metric hoodoo-voodoo stuff that is subjective and tell me how I'm wrong, so it's really not even worth it.

    Didn't your pals over at pff or whatever say that Clady wasn't very good last season?

    Top Five Tackle?

    It’s just my opinion, but while I think Joe Thomas is the best tackle in football I still think the position he plays means he’s overpaid. I’m not so shortsighted as to know some will value left tackles considerably more than I do. That’s their prerogative. So if Joe Thomas is worth all that money, and that’s the amount the game’s top left tackle should be paid, then why would Ryan Clady feel entitled to the same?

    Perhaps I’ve been a little harsh on Clady in the past. The truth is he’s developed into a good tackle. Last year was a down year for sure, but with the installation of what was essentially a gimmick offense, and having a quarterback who held onto the ball longer than anyone else, there are some mitigating circumstances. We handed him a -24.1 grade, with most of the damage being done with some poor run blocking and 12 penalties surrendered. His pass blocking, always his strength, was also sub-standard but not by such a distance that he gave up a huge amount of pressure. As mentioned earlier, he actually gave up less total pressure in 2011 (including playoffs) than he did in his famed rookie year where he didn’t give up a single sack.

    You get a better appreciation of what he can do when you look at his 2009 and 2010 seasons. In ‘09 he gave up 34 sacks, hits, and hurries and finished 15th in our pass blocking grading (and 15th overall) and in ’10 he moved up to seventh in pass protection and ninth overall while giving up 37 QB disruptions. Those are solid credentials, but he’s never outplayed Jake Long or Joe Thomas, never had the kind of year that Jason Peters just had, and has never impressed like Andrew Whitworth has since he moved to full-time starting tackle.

    With those four guys as the top left tackles in the game when healthy, Clady should consider his peers the likes of Eugene Monroe, Michael Roos, Duane Brown, Jordan Gross, and D’Brickashaw Ferguson. Would any of them reasonably expect to get paid more than Joe Thomas? What’s more would they expect it after having the kind of year Clady had?
    I think he's very good and personally I would LOVE to see him in a Ravens uniform.

    I have to say though, I do find it funny how you "stats" guys seem to pick and choose what you want to use to base opinions on when it suits your opinion.

    At the end of the day, it's subjective. What do you consider to be very good vs elite? Where is the cut off? To me, the "elite" term gets thrown around WAY too much.
    Disclaimer: The content posted is of my own opinion.

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    Re: Steelers Ink Antonio Brown

    Quote Originally Posted by wickedsolo View Post
    Didn't your pals over at pff or whatever say that Clady wasn't very good last season?

    At the end of the day, it's subjective. What do you consider to be very good vs elite? Where is the cut off? To me, the "elite" term gets thrown around WAY too much.
    I don't know anyone at PFF other than the people that frequent this board, and it's well documented I don't think highly of their methodology. They had Gaither rated I think as the #6 tackle the year before his troubles which I think is laughable.

    One of their biggest flaws IMO in OL rating is one of the considerations I use for disginguishing between an elite player on the OL and what isn't. (FWIW, I won't quibble if you don't want to say elite and instead just say he's one of the better in the league...semantics). I certainly think he's top five, which I would call elite, but if you don't, then that's fine.

    Regardless, what makes him that IMO is that he is ALWAYS on an island. They never provide him help, even against elite-level competition. That he stands up on his own requiring no help - even though he's not a Jon-Ogden-level perfect in that space - and plays that role at a very high level, to me, makes him elite. Stick him in at LT, then forget about worrying about the edge rusher. There aren't a lot of guys you can say that about.

    That, to me, makes him elite.

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    Re: Steelers Ink Antonio Brown

    i will say that while the numbers do show a significant dropoff in clady"s play the last 2 years, there are some mitigating factors. One being he was coming off a major injury in 2009, and last year he had was protecting a QB who held onto the ball for dear life in the pocket. That cannot be overlooked.

    Now, as far as him being an "elite" LT, don't know if I am going that far. I mean even under the worst circumstances the top tackles seem to have at least a decent season, and Clady has had anything but the past 2 years. The real measuring stick will be 2012, where he has probably the best QB in the history of the game behind him, who gets the ball out so fast it is almost impossible to have bad sack/pressure stats. There should be a MASSIVE improvement in every metric this year, if he is an "elite" tackle.

    Right now I would say top ten, but until he actually shows something "elite" on the field I can't put him any higher.

    He can change that if he plays lights out in 2012, like a true elite LT. All the excuses are gone.

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    Re: Steelers Ink Antonio Brown

    Brown must be an interesting athlete. i was watching a classic game on the Big Ten Network which Brown was playing in. the announcer said Brown was a walkon for central michigan and was a real freshman who was having a great freshman year. he is drafted by the squealers in the 6th round and is voted their MVP in his second year. this guy must be your classic overachiever.


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