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Sorry to burst your bubble, but 26 yr old 1200 yd receivers on the open market get paid. They are available....hardly ever.

And he won't be sitting out the whole year, he can't. He will play the last 6 games and playoffs and will have plenty of suitors in 2013, believe that.
I doubt Wallace hits the market for at least 1 more season after this. By signing Brown they've freed up the opportunity to use the franchise tag on Wallace next year. It'll be expensive, but possible and it will keep Wallace in Pittsburgh for at least 1 more season.

I know the Steelers WANT to sign him long term, but financially I don't think they could without really limiting their future. They really have very little depth at WR right now. I can't believe I'm saying this, but if Wallace doesn't play (for whatever reason) I think I like the Ravens' receiver depth better...

Antonio Brown
Emmanuel Sanders
Jericho Cotchery

That's not a bad top 3 although Brown is the only one who has proven to be an effective starter. Sanders has upside, but hasn't done nearly what Brown has done. Cotchery is old, slow, and more of a slot guy.

Marquis Maze - good college player, but probably will be a ST's guy in the NFL if he catches on with a team. He's 5'8".
Derrick Williams - couldn't hang with Detroit and it's not like Detroit has been a beacon of talented receivers outside of Megatron.
Tyler Beller - who?
Toney Clemons - big possession guy out of Colorado (6'2" 220lbs). Might make the team as the 5th or 6th WR.
David Gilreath - decent college reciver...very undersized though. He's like 165lbs and he's not overly fast either.
Juamorris Stewart - who?
Jimmy Young - Not a bad depth receiver/project guy to have. Decent player at TCU.

So, realistically, IF Mike Wallace sits out you're looking at a very underwhelming WR unit.

IMO, they don't have a choice but to try and work something out with Wallace otherwise their passing offense is going to be difficult to work with just from a talent perspective. I can't believe they aren't considering Plax or even TO just for some depth.