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    Kyle Boller signed as Chargers Backup

    The guy's NFL career has been one of the craziest. You'd think every time he screws up a chance somewhere, his playing days would be done. Gotta hand it to him, he stuck around longer than most would have thought.

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    Good luck to him I guess?

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    Re: Kyle Boller signed as Chargers Backup

    On NFL network, they reported his signing. And they had the chance to show three clips of his.

    All from when he was in Baltimore and all three were interceptions.

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    Re: Kyle Boller signed as Chargers Backup

    I have a feeling that he will get some playing time too.
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    Who is Kyle Boller?

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    Re: Kyle Boller signed as Chargers Backup

    Good for him. I think he's happy to be working close to home, even if he doesn't play much.


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