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    ALL 22 Video and NFL games website.

    I'll be buying this!!!


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    Re: ALL 22 Video and NFL games website.

    Supposedly they are adding the coaches tape too. It's a must have.
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    Re: ALL 22 Video and NFL games website.

    I know I haven't been stoked for an NFL product like this. Since Suggs hurt himself I am taking the $$$ I was going to use to buy a an elite jersey and get the $70 package with the coaches tapes. Plus, you get all the other teams which is worth it when you'd like to look ahead to what other teams are up to.

    I think it is incredibly cheap and it will allow more people to better understand the game like Parcells said as well as need less input from talking heads.

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    Re: ALL 22 Video and NFL games website.

    The tablet app for this service will include "telestrator" functionality like drawing routes, OL seals, backfield actions, etc. with your fingertip. You can then share these video clips complete with your telestrator doodles included.

    I WAS going to wait until Christmas to get a tablet, but damn...!

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    Went in last night. Quick note...

    With the top package ($69.99), the coaches film isn't uploaded until midnight each Weds. That's the Thur, Sun and Mon games all together...they are uploaded at the same time. Pretty crummy for us hack analysts.

    I haven't tried any other features yet.

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    Re: ALL 22 Video and NFL games website.

    I just got it and the best part is you can get the coaches tape from previous seasons.

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    Re: ALL 22 Video and NFL games website.

    Yup JMU just got it myself the other day and was very happy to find the coaches tape from previous seasons available
    Even if your just a "football fanatic" and not a hack analyst its a great deal.
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