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    The way too early and completely irrelevant roster breakdown, because it's July (now August) and we're bored.

    Weve had some threads that have talked a little about roster breakdowns and position battles. I think WR and DB are going to be the main battles at camp this year and have a few predictions but before ever seeing guys in pads is pretty much only a guess. might be funny to look back at and laugh about in a few months.

    QB Flacco
    QB Taylor

    last year we carried two, this year i feel we do the same. I think Painter will be available during the season if we needed him, and if we do, its probably not going to matter anyway. (2/2 week 1 roster in 2011)

    RB Rice
    RB Pierce
    RB Allen

    I think Berry actually makes this a tougher competition than some may think, but pierce shows why we traded up for him and earns the 2nd spot with Allen edging out Berry. (3/3)

    FB Leach

    no questions. (1/1)

    WR Boldin
    WR Smith
    WR Doss
    WR Jones
    WR Williams
    WR Streeter

    we carry 6 again, I have a feeling Thompson comes down to earth a little more once pads are on and Streeter will continue to look like a rookie but show flashes and being a redzone threat which none of the others possess and therefore is too much to leave off the roster, even if he is inconsistent elsewhere. Always possible one ends up on IR. We let Reed go as we have enough talent elsewhere for ST. (6/6)

    TE Pitta
    TE Dickson
    TE Figgins/Vet

    I think Pitta will end up earning the #1, but thats not to say Dickson wont get plenty of PT, it truly is a 1a/1b scenario with these two. The chemistry and consistency will be the deciding factor. I think we pick up the best blocking TE available after final cuts, moving Figgins to PS, but if not hes a cheap blocking TE they can develop during the season. (3/3)

    T McKinni
    G Williams
    C Birk
    G Yanda
    T Oher
    G Osemele
    T Reid
    C Gradkowski

    I think the OL is stronger this year than last with our new added depth to the point we actually carry 1 less. I think Osemele ends up starting by seasons end but Williams starts the season. Tough call and Id rather carry 9, but couldnt see the value with who we have over other positions. (8/9)

    DE Ngata
    NT Cody
    DE Jones
    DE Mcphee
    DT McBean
    DE DeAngelo
    NT Jean-Baptiste
    DE/OLB McCellan

    I think the team has already said theyre excited about Jean-Baptiste. McCellan is listed as a DE but played ILB and ST. I think his versatility cements him on the roster regardless. (8/8)

    OLB Kruger
    ILB Lewis
    ILB McClain
    OLB Upshaw
    ILB Ellerbe
    OLB Kindle
    ILB Ayanbadejo
    ILB Carr
    * LB Chavris Williams

    With Suggs on PUP, well have 1 less roster spot for atleast 8-10 weeks. By that time, with injuries and other cuts/signings we should be able to clear space for him if/when he returns. I think Carr will impress and be our next UDFA signing to make the roster. Ellerbe will hopefully prove to be a better player than most feel and Kindle shows that promise that had him selected with our fist pick 3 years ago. (8/9)

    *with McBean making the roster and being suspended i believe were allowed to carry an extra player until hes activated and Williams waived, much like Reed last year.

    CB Webb
    CB Smith
    CB Williams
    CB Gorrer
    CB/S Graham
    CB Jackson

    Our arguably weakest position 2 years ago is now, imo, our deepest, thank you Ozzie. In a passing league and with injuries every year, I cant see not carrying 6 and had a hard time not making a case for 7, which they may likely do at the end of the day. This will be the most intense battle but I see Jackson making the team over Brown simply for ST teams reasons. (6/6)

    FS Reed
    SS Pollard
    FS Thompson
    S Considine
    S Cook

    I think Cook is actually a pretty solid player and is capable of contributing as much on ST as Brown would, or more. I went with Cook over Brown due to Reeds uncertainty/health issues. Even if Reed does play, i have a hard time seeing him play 16 games again. If he doesnt I see us signing a vet and letting thompson learn regardless. (5/4)

    LS Cox
    P Koch
    K Tucker

    I really dont think Tucker can beat out Cundiff in the coaches eyes, and likely is here instead. With that said, he has been impressive so far and I actually see that continuing and made the call over Cundiff. I dont blame Cundiff entirely for that gaff at the end of the AFCC game, but with his release we can wash away the bad taste from last year and continue forward focused on this year. (3/3)

    Overall i think we have a very strong and deep roster and without Suggs even, look to be a more improved team top to bottom, although that loss could be a major factor in our overall performance. Looking forward to how this turns out over the next few months, laughable or a prophecy come true. Let me know what you guys think.
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