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hiding him and keeping him on staff and tenured is OK then?
I'm done conversing with you while you're putting words in my mouth.

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A self-impostion of penalties would also go a long way in restoring the good name of PSU, but I am doubtful as well.

They need to rip the band-aid off, not do this slow burn thing they seem to be doing.
One of the big problems here with the school taking action right now (or anyone taking action right now) is that there simply is no agreement on what the right decision is for how to punish the football program. The death penalty likely completely kills the program for decades. Not years, decades. SMU still hasn't recovered. And the football program has played a MAJOR role in the school becoming as great as it has. Not "great" as in "great at football"...as in "such a great learning institution."

There's simply no easy answer in this. I'm hopeful the school disciplines itself. That would be appropriate. But I have no problem at all with everyone taking time to figure out what the right course of action should be. Right now, we don't even know that we've learned everything there is to learn about this.

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That was a pretty good read on an icon's fall from grace. Ill admit that my first reaction when Paterno died was that at least he wouldnt have to deal with any of this. But, as the truth starts to trickle out, he was just as guilty as anyone. And unfortunately the bastard took a lot of secrets to his grave. Fuck PSU...the entire institution needs to be brought to its knees.
Aaaaaaaaaaand there's where you lost me.

Seriously, this is a moronic statement. Not just a bad one. Not just an ignorant one. It's an absolutely, unquestionably moronic riot-mentality statement that when you stop to think about it for even five seconds makes literally no sense what-so-ever.

Do you know how many people are directly involved with the university?
~45k students
~12k full time faculty
~6k part time faculty
~3k non-student staff
That's just University Park...double those numbers if you include all satellite campuses.

Right now, we've got Sandusky, Paterno, Schultz, Curley and Spanier who clearly acted inappropriately in some fashion. The first two are in prison or passed away. The second two have been indicted and I don't believe (but not certain) are still directly involved in the university. The fifth was fired as President of the university, though he still remains on staff which I'm not particularly thrilled with. Then there's the Board of Directors who may or may not get replaced wholesale...their biggest crime was in not having adequate controls to learn about this sort of thing happening, though they likely never went along with any cover-up.

So, out of the approximately 66k people involved in University Park campus, and nearly 125k people throughout the university as a whole, there are just a bit over 50 who acted inappropriately in this manner. Only five of whom actually knew about it. Two being in prison or dead.

And your answer is that the entirety of the 125k people needs to be "brought to its knees?"


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Board of Trustees just decided to keep the statue in place (during the slow news cycle of a Saturday, btw).
It wouldn't shock me at all if this decision winds up changing in time. I hope it does. I agree...it seems like a no brainer to me.

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