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You know a lot about guns, and I'm sure are a little familiar with ballistics etc.

How does he get shot in the head from behind and the right and his head goes back and to the left? Makes no sense, in addition to a lot of other things with that whole assassination.
Trajectory does not indicate how the target will react, for one. Especially a live target that's struck in the central nervous system. If you've ever shot a deer, there is no telling which way they will fall, move, etc. especially when you shoot them in the head.

Second, it was not as deep of an angle as the conspiracy theorists would have you believe. Yes, Oswald was back and to the right of Kennedy .... but BARELY. The bullet struck Kennedy high and on the back right part of his head. The head movement was more towards the left. A better way of describing the head movement was left THEN to the back. And again, keep in mind once someone is struck in the head, there is no telling what the muscles will do once the trauma occurs.

Conspiracy theorists have backed off the claim that the head shot came from the grassy knoll anyway. They now dispute, with great fervor, the single bullet theory.

ABC News pretty much did what Popular Mechanics did to the "truthers" and debunked everything. Here is an explanation in full about the so-called magic bullet ....