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Thread: First Cuts

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    First Cuts

    This won't be as fun as the last round of cuts.

    Tres Moses.

    Romby Bryant.

    Dennis Haley.

    Sam Koch. I've seen enough. Even his KOs were not impressive.

    Evans Ogelsby. Good INT, but too little too late.

    Mike Kracalik and Rob Drogre. These two tackles are horrid.
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    Re: First Cuts

    Sorry, but I think there are a lot of guys who go before any of those guys:

    TE – Rob Abiamiri
    TE – Bobby Blizzard
    WR – Brian Bratton
    WR – Romby Bryant
    WR - Matt Cherry
    FB – BJ Dean
    WR – Tres Moses
    WR – Rufus Skillern
    CB – Duvol Thompson
    CB – Jamaine Winbourne
    S – Robb Butler
    OC – Kyle Roper
    OT – Robin Meadow
    DL – Nick Leaders
    S – Shannon James
    S - Steve Paris
    DE –Benard Thomas
    DT - Remi Ayodele

    Now, granted, some of these guys have NFL-E exemptions, so they do not need to be cut, but I can't see many of these guys staying on the team over Haley, Oglesby or Koch.

    Also, the 2 OTs - Droege and Kracalik - will likely stay, at least for now, since they will need to play the 2nd half this week and most of the game next week. They are camp bodies especially since they didn't bring a whole lot of OTs into camp.
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    Re: First Cuts

    I would have to agree with BmoreRavor on this one. That list looks pretty acurate as for who is likely to not make the first round cuts. A lot of them didn't get a whole lot of playing time anyways.

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    Re: First Cuts

    I would really like to see Ogelsby hang around awhile, I kind of think he might have a contribution to make.


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