The face of this Ravens defense has as we all known been Ed Reed and Ray Lewis for the last decade, and still pretty much is. But as Reed and Lewis get closer to their retirement, Ngata and Sizzle as we all know have became the new best players on our team.

Sizzle just won his first DPOY award, and Ngata is coming off yet another all pro season. Ngata eats up blockers which allows Suggs to come in unblocked and can wreck havoc. IMO there is not a better front 7 partnership than Ngata and Suggs when it comes to defending the run, or getting to the QB. If you double team Ngata, you are leaving Suggs free, and if you double team Suggs, you give Ngata a chance to create a huge turnover.

Both are among the best players in the league right now without question, and are both arguably the best players in their position. You wont hear too many arguments that Ngata is the best defensive tackle in the league, and Suggs is without question the best hybrid DE/OLB in the league. Suggs is going to miss a lot of 2012, but I expect him to come back from this and make people forget that he was ever injured.

Is all this enough to make the HOF? I think if they continue to do this for another four years or so, you could definitely make a case. They are both missing that SB ring, so maybe a SB ring can decide if they get there or not?