I hate it when ESPN only let's you see the whole list unless you pay for their insider service. I would like to see the whole list just to see who is above him and how far above him. The way he has played, especially against Tom Brady and the Patriots last AFC Championship game, has continually improved. Sure he doesn't have the sickest stats in the NFL, but the Ravens are a balanced to run first offense and even Peyton Manning wouldn't have Manning like stats in this sort of an offensive scheme. I know Aaron Rodgers is probably #1, Tom Brady and Drew Brees are #2 and #3 in whatever order, Eli Manning has got to be above Joe just because of the Super Bowl victory this year, Philip Rivers always tops these lists (why I don't know, judging by the Chargers playoff record), Peyton Manning even though he didn't play in 2011, then there has to be one more before Ben Roethlisberger. Ben should be tied with Joe only because, as much a Steelers fans love him, his stats are really not all that better than Flacco's, outside of the Super Bowls won mainly on the shoulders of the Steelers D. So the list should be:

1) Aaron Rodgers
2) Tom Brady?
3) Drew Brees?
4) Eli Manning?
5) Philip Rivers?
6) Peyton Manning?
7) ?
8) Ben Roethlisberger?

That is some pretty good company, no one should be complaining about where Flacco falls on this list.

And for the Couch Potato, You forgot to figure in the dropped passes in critical situations (which falls on the Ravens WRs and not the QB) into your little tyraid on Joe's abilities.