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    OBY gets his bounce--leads in all polls

    We said this was gonna happen. OBY would get his bump up in the polls after the SC decision and now leads Mitt for the first time in over a month in the Rasmussen poll by +1 and +5 by Gallup's poll - the two main ones that are reliable.

    However, all polls in the link are within the margin of error except
    the Gallup poll @ +5, which means they're tied.

    Rasmussen also has him even in the approval/disapproval poll - tied at 49.

    But that will change as 2/3 of the country still hate this law and will vote vs him and all DEM senators to take the Senate for
    repeal. GOP has the lead there in the generic congressional vote.
    See link.

    They have awaken a sleeping giant.

    Where's Galen when you need him. I'm taking his job here-lol.
    He's probably on vacation in some 3rd world country i suppose.
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    He doesn't lead in Rassmussen anymore. Tied 45/45.

    So much for that bounce.

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