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    Re: Sunday late games to get later

    Quote Originally Posted by JAB1985 View Post
    if they were moving monday night games to 7:30 then id be more interested. I hate the west coast bias as an early riser on the east. I still think they should do an east and west monday night game like they do opening weekend. It was nice to see all of one game without being exhausted the next day and even having the option for another if i wanted.
    Honestly, I can never get to sleep after a night game anyway so I don't mind the 8:30 start time. Gives me time to get the kids to bed.

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    Re: Sunday late games to get later

    Probably gives the average fan watching from home a little bit of a mental and physical break between the early and late afternoon games anyway. That Red zone channel is awesome. If the ravens are not on at the moment that's where I'm at otherwise I'm just toggling back and forth. It's quite exhilirating when you're witness to a lot of close early afternoon games. The extra times just gives you an opportunity to unwind a little.


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