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Here are Brees' stats under Cam:
Att   Yards   TD   INT  Y/A
526   3284    17   16   6 2
356   2108    11   15   5.9
400   3159    27    7   7.9*
500   3576    24   15   7.2
Except for the blip in 2003 when he missed 5 games (2nd line above), this is nice steady growth for a young QB. Brees took a small step back in efficiency from 2004 to 2005, but 2005 is still a very solid season.

So what happened when Brees got to Sean Payton in New Orleans? Check out his pass attempts:
Year   Att
2006   554
2007   652
2008   635
Hey man, I never said he was bad under Cam, he was good, but I stand by my point that he didn't ever put up huge numbers under Cam Cameron either. Those first four years are so similar to Joe Flacco, and arguably worse (not saying they are bad stats for a young QB). Facts are that Cam isn't creative enough, and runs a conservative offense that as Wicked said favours the RB. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that as long as we continue to win, and it is clear that we can even get to the SB and possibly win it playing this way, as was evident in the play offs this year. However if you want to see Flacco put up all those big numbers that other ''elite'' QB's are putting up, then the chances are it wont be happening any time soon with Cam as the OC.

It's also not all to do with passing attempts either. Cam doesn't design creative enough plays for the QB to be as effective as others.