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    OT: Anyone catch the Blue Angels show?

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    Re: OT: Anyone catch the Blue Angels show?


    First time was totally by accident: I took Mrs. T to Fells Point to tour the Canadian frigate Iroquois on Thursday, avoiding the mobs at Harborplace. A split second after we exited the bridge onto the main deck, a Blue Angel screamed by overhead a few hundred feet with afterburners going. We stayed on the main deck for the entire flight practice.

    It had slipped my mind that the Blue Angels always precede their full air shows with a practice session, which is essentially identical to the show. I should know this, since we have been attending the Severn River Blue Angels practice sessions for years, to beat the crowds who attend the next day's official show..

    Second time was two days later, with kids and grandkids. I got a sun-shaded outdoor table at Shuckers while they boarded the ship, then we all watched from the Broadway Pier.

    I believe that this was the first Blue Angels appearance in Baltimore. I hope that it will be followed by many more.
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    Re: OT: Anyone catch the Blue Angels show?

    When I lived in Jacksonville my residence was on their flight path when the performed at NAS Jacksonville. They performed yearly in Jacksonville, one year at NAS Jacksonville and the next at NAS Mayport.

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    Re: OT: Anyone catch the Blue Angels show?

    I didn't see the show per se, but I went to the airport. They flew within about 40 yards of us, really low, and kicked in the afterburners. Really cool. They're gonna be in OC for next years airshow. Definitely will head down for that.

  5. Re: OT: Anyone catch the Blue Angels show?

    Didn't go downtown to see the actual show, but had a nice up close and personal view of the action that friday before.
    Was working in middle river, essex and dundalk all day.
    They were flying all over the place directly above me in the afternoon in dundalk.

    Definitely made you stop what you were doing to look up and check it out.

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    Re: OT: Anyone catch the Blue Angels show?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mista T View Post
    I believe that this was the first Blue Angels appearance in Baltimore. I hope that it will be followed by many more.
    they will be back in 2014 with the tall ships in Baltimore to celebrate the end of the war. I think it will be in September

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    Re: OT: Anyone catch the Blue Angels show?

    I took the grandkids down on Thursday (Flag Day) to see 3 strands of the original 1814 Star Spangled Banner get sewn into the National 9/11 Flag at Mary Pickersgill's Flag House on Pratt Street. We also checked out two tall ships in the Harbor and took the water taxi out to FT McHenry via Fells Point for the National Pause for the Pledge and a concert inside the Star Fort. Like Mr. T, we saw the Blue Angels practicing.

    On Sunday, my wife and I visited the tall ships for Fathers day, sans children. The highlight of the day came aboard the Ecuadoran tall ship Guayas, docked at the end of the National Aquarium pier. I passed by a small closet sized berth and espied an elderly petty officer with sun baked visage and a knowing expression on his face. When I asked "Que paso?" He revealed a toothy grin and replied "Cervesa, cinco dollares!" to my great delight and satisfaction. So it came to pass that I enjoyed a fine imported beer under an awning on the after deck of a classic sailing vessel with tall ships and grey hulled warships majestically anchored about the Harbor as the Blue Angels roared overhead to the cheers of the citizens of Baltimore atop the emerald green mass of Federal Hill and surrounding red bricked promenades.

    Taking in this marvelous scene I caught the eye of two other Ravens hat wearing Dad's. Without saying a word we clinked bottles in front of the Ship's wheel and took a hearty hale of our brewski's.

    Someday's it's good to be dad. ;)
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    Re: OT: Anyone catch the Blue Angels show?

    nice post Dan!
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    Re: OT: Anyone catch the Blue Angels show?

    It was pretty cool seeing them practice down in Pensacola while I was stationed down there. Even after watching them multiple times a week I still found myself stopping and staring in admiration.

    It's a VERY cool thing to see.
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