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Haley is a disciple of Bill Walsh’s West Coast offense.
Where do we get that idea?

Haley began his career on Bill Parcells Jets staff, working under Charlie Weis for 4 yrs. I don't know what exactly that madman Weis runs, but it's not the Bill Walsh offense. Later Haley was Parcells WR coach and "passing game coordinator" in Dallas, before moving on to Arizona. Parcells has never been a Bill Walsh Offense guy.

Haley did work 3 years as WR coach in Chicago under Joe Pendry, who had coached under Marty for a few years in the early 90s. Is that your "West Coast Offense" connection? Seems pretty tenuous.

In Arizona, Haley ran an offense that featured the deep passing of Kurt Warner, who also had not historically been a "Bill Walsh Offense" quarterback. Warner played in the Gillman-Coryell-Saunders-Zampese-Norv-Martz system when he won the Super Bowl in St Louis.

I've never seen any indication that Haley worked in the Bill Walsh Offense.