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    What/Who to watch during Ravens mini camp.

    Help me out! I want to learn more about the pre-season training. Mandatory mini camp opened today.

    What happens during mini camp? How is the camp day set up?
    I assume the rookies are learning positions, plays and game plans.

    How do the vets fit in? Are they mentoring or are they also working on skills?
    As a fan what should I keep my eyes and ears on?

    Any insights you can share are appreciated.

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    Re: What/Who to watch during Ravens mini camp.

    I am ashamed to say that I have never really paid much attention to mini camp.

    I would assume that this is a time for the newbies to learn plays, how the team as a whole works, learn from the veterans, and get to know what is expected of them. However, this is not a time to slack off. Everyday that they are there I would think that they are under constant pressure to make the team. We have already seen 2 players cut and I am sure that their will be more to come.

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