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    Counting down the days!

    I can not wait until August, pre-season games, and football in general! I don't know what to do with myself in the off-season. I used to be an O's fan when Cal played, but lost interest. I just want Ravens season to hurry up and get here! It should be a year round sport ;)

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    Re: Counting down the days!

    Give the O's a chance Lisa. If nothing else let's enjoy the ride while it lasts and hope that the 2012 season marks the end of sub .500 teams for a long time to come. :ww:
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    Re: Counting down the days!

    The Os are giving us a reason to watch.... One winning season and the town will be painted in Orange and Black! I hate to wish away summer but I love Ravens Football season!

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    Re: Counting down the days!

    Not to mention the O's eye candy is REALLY nice!. ;)

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    Re: Counting down the days!

    Things are looking up... Mini camp means our boys are back in town!! :ww:

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    Re: Counting down the days!

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