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    Head trauma and sports in general

    One of our Bmore Chix posted and interesting blog about the Players and their suit against the NFL.
    As much as I hate to see them injured -these are grown men playing professional sports they know the risks.
    I m more concerned with the injuries suffered by our children. Its news worthy today because of the NFL players. However, research and study of head trauma due to sports injuries has been ongoing for years. Its only recently that authorities have taken measures to make sure that players are protected and that some injuries are prevented.

    I worry about the young children playing sports in areas where improper equipment or no equipment is available to them. How will the be protected and if they are injured who will they sue? Volunteer coaches?

    NFL and players should step up and help to keep our children safe.

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    Re: Head trauma and sports in general

    So glad to hear that Pop Warner, one of nations biggest youth football organizations has made significant changes to it's youth program to help in the prevention of concussions. among our young athletes.

    Weight limits have been part of the program. Now they have reduced the length of time and the format of it's contact drills during practices. Some say the rules are too strict.

    For those that say its not the same game as before~Thank goodness! We have seen what happened to players who wore leather helmets!

    I think this is a good change! It has been reported that more head to head injuries occur in practice than in a game. A head injury can be devastating and have long term effects!

    As a parent I'll do whatever I can to protect my children!

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