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    OBY ignores D-DAY - AGAIN!

    Ronald Reagan gave one of his most famous speeches at Normandy Beach.
    Instead of honoring our fallen heroes like Reagan at that beach OBY is heading for
    the sunny beaches of California - AGAIN!

    There should be no doubt in anyone's mind that this so called leader of
    our country hates it. He has apologized for it and has abandoned its
    allies like Israel, he has destroyed our greatest resources like coal industry and now he has ignored D-Day celebrations AGAIN!

    Were it not for the ultimate scacrifices those heroes made, he would not
    even be in office. In fact, most of us wouldn't even be here. Our mothers
    would have been raped and our fathers, those that were left after
    the Germans and Japs invaded them would have been slaves.

    My uncled fought on Guam and said that was 4 years out of his life. He
    got married just before shipping off and they are still married since 1941
    but had to wait to start their family.

    I said if you hadn't done that along with the others you wouldn't be
    sitting here talking about it. I wouldn't even be here. He said you're
    right. He liked that. Im proud that all my uncles served as well as my dad who
    flew bombing runs over North Africa and Germany as a gunner before being shot by a Nazi fighter plane spending a month in an army hospital. Even I answered the call
    and was drafted during a hot war while over 50,000 pussies in my generation
    ran off to Canada.

    But this damn so called leader doesn't appreciate what those guys did
    much less how they did it. He never served, never did anything but
    destroy this country since taking over.

    Tues night will be remembered as the night America was saved in Wisconsin
    when freedom rang while a budget was balanced
    and jobs were saved and created all w/o raising taxes.

    Come November, we're taking the rest of the trash out.

    Worse president ever.


    OBYs lead in Wisconsin dropped by 9 points after Walker's historic win there.
    They had dropped to a virtual tie in Virginia before that election.
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