This is what we like to call a 'non-story', because it is only about OTAs. However, what we can take from this is the overall quality of the safety position for the Bengals. Last year, Torrey Smith burned them the first time the Ravens and Bengals played. Then, Ray Rice beat them for some long runs.

Before we determine whether or not the Bengals can return to the playoffs or make more noise in the AFC North, perhaps we should look at what stood in their way last year, and what they could now bring to the table to stop that.

I really like Dre Kirkpatrick, but I don't see how he will be able to handle Torrey Smith. Then, you have to consider the amount of cover 2 zone that they run, which means that the safeties will have to play a major role in stopping him. Personally, I just don't see the safety play there. They are going to be in a 'pick your poison' situation all over again.

As for how they can stop Pittsburgh, the question is whether or not Pittsburgh has lost enough to think that the Bengals can now handle them. The first time they played, Cincinnati hung with them for three quarters. The second time, Pittsburgh finished them quickly.

The only thing that I could see working in Cincinnati's favor is if they get some other WRs going. In that case, I don't think that Pittsburgh has the CBs to shut down Dalton and co. However, they would also have to protect Dalton better. They did a good job last year, but Pittsburgh really flustered him.

It may boil down to who will rise, A.J. Green or those who will now look to stop him.