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UDFA James Carmon never signed with the Ravens if that is who you are talking about. Lawrence and Madsen signed and are both about 6'4" and more RT material. They did sign one tall tackle Jack Cornell who is 6'6" but i thnk only weighs about 310lbs. Most info I could find on him indicated that he would be a better gaurd than tackle prospect.
That leaves the depth chart at LT as Mckinnie, Oher and Harewood for now.
Yikes! Let us fervently hope that the much maligned McKinnie stays healthy! I can't see us NOT getting an experienced OL body before the season starts. At LG we are looking at a rookie, a second-year RT and a UDFA. At C we have a rather old guy who is beginning to show his age and a rather unheralded rookie. And to develop these young guys at O line coach . . .