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  1. Re: League Looking to Hire Replacement Refs

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    Well they can't be any worse than the ones they put on the field now.
    Careful what you wish for here, because yes, they very well could be worse then what we're use to seeing.

    If they were better or on the same level they would already be NFL officials.

    Not gonna shock me in the least to see several if not many bad calls or missed calls that contribute to the outcome of games if they go this route.

    Hopefully the impact is minimal on our games.
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    I remember the scab refs and they were dreadful.

    Yes, be careful what you wish for.
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    Re: League Looking to Hire Replacement Refs

    There are some interesting numbers in this article

    Basically salaries can go from $78,000 for Rookie officials to $200,000 for veterans by 2018.
    Sounds like a helluva good full-time salary to me, although there is no mention about a move to fulltime employment in the article.. I'd be happy to attend training and watch film of every player in the league every day of the frickin year for that money lol. I saw in another article that MLB refs make an average of 120K, and that's a boatload more games.

    The NFL is messing with the officials pension plan however, and that's a major sticking point.
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