Just caught this tweet from Adam Shefter ....

AdamSchefter 9:05am via WhoSay

Talks between NFL and officials for new deal have broken off. NFL has advised all teams it is now working to hire replacement officials.
Not good. I don't have many complaints about the product the NFL puts out, but the officiating is something could be improved. Vastly.

With the revenue the league generates, it's inexcusable that they do not employ full time referees. Instead, they opt for part time officials, most of whom have other jobs and only dedicate a small amount of time to their NFL craft. The quality of officiating is dreadful, IMO, and I hope the league is able to force these men to work full time.

In the short term, especially if they hire replacements, the quality of officiating will go down even further until the college level refs get up to speed (literally) on the NFL game.