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    Re: Sergio: "I've got the playbook down now."

    Quote Originally Posted by BcRaven View Post
    Ravens still have Rice and Flacco to sign, plus Suggs/Upshaw/Kindle (pass rush specialist) could man OLB. It would seem a shame that the Ravens drafted and developed Kruger only to see him leave at the top of his game, but I think that is what will happen... Bc
    I don't think that the Ravens trying to lock up Rice & Flacco will impact their decision to extend a healthy contract offer to Kruger. Now, if he's looking to break the bank (which he may, who knows) then I agree that I doubt the Ravens pursue him.

    We also could be facing a similar situation with Rice. If Double-A and/or Pierce perform even remotely well, then they could let Rice walk.

    Quote Originally Posted by leachisabeast View Post
    If Kruger gets any more than 9 sacks this year, I would expect him to be looking for around what Kamerion Wimbley got from Tennessee. I think there is little chance we re sign him if Sergio has a similar year to what Kruger had in 2011. It's going to be either Sergio or Kruger the odd man out in 2013.
    Sergio has to make the team first. Granted, McAdoo and Suggs' injury make that very possible for him, but they could still cut him and go with McClellan at OLB or something.
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    Re: Sergio: "I've got the playbook down now."

    Quote Originally Posted by Benny8444 View Post
    Most likely, I see him playing the role Kruger played last year, taking over for JJ on some downs. But he could see more time if Upshaw or Kruger struggle. Plus when Suggs comes back either upshaw or Kruger will play that role unless Kindle plays lights out. If thats the case I case I can see him starting oppisite suggs. A lot of different things can play out. Camp/Pre Season and when Suggs comes back will dictate where everyone plays.

    I see Suggs coming back mid october and Kruger moving over with Kindle and Upshaw as the backups. Then next year when Kruger is an FA Upshaw takes over.
    Well, all of that is possible, but everyone needs to remember that when Suggs is healthy enough to go, does not mean he is game ready.
    He will probably be out of shape to some degree, either way his legs won't have that power, stamina, or game speed (game legs). He might be able to continue to work his upper body hard. No weight bearing on his injured leg.

    Kruger is simply the guy who has to step it up with his experience to do more like Suggs does.
    Upshaw, no matter how good he is, will not have that experience as a rookie to make the reads, etc.
    Upshaw will get better with every game.
    And if Kindle can come in and get after the quarterback, that will be a huge thing for the Ravens.
    Our defensive backfield is the best it has been since 2006.
    Hopefully Ed Reed comes back a little healthier and can remain that way throughout the season.

    There is so much talent on this team. I just hope they get it together in time for another playoff run.


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