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Please, tell me these "free rides" they receive in life? They dont get health care after retirement, they suffer the worst injuries out of any professional sports industry and they also have the lowest salaries out of nearly every professional sports league in the country...when the NFL is the largest professional sports league in the country.
I hear ya but Silvers point remains valid free ride or no free ride. Honestly, I really don't need to watch a bunch of rich athletes yucking it up in paradise and playing halfassed football. Right now the winners get 40k the losers get 20k each. If you wanna make it interesting then get some company to pony up say an additional 25 million to plaster their name everywhere and let it be winner take all for that 25million.....betcha get some hitting going on then

Yea I know it will never happen but how fun would a Pro Bowl be to watch were the players played like it meant something