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    OT - T.O. burns another bridge

    Dropped from IFL team for what team owner states was "a lack of effort both on and off the field".

    God what a loser.

    Here's the story.

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    Re: OT - T.O. burns another bridge

    Kind of shady circumstances on the teams part. His contract wasnt voided, as he wasnt suppose to play away games (even ones with playoff implications). theyre also mad at him for not doing a charity event, which in itself is not something you can force a person to do. I think the team/media are trying to make it a bigger story than it is simply because its TO. For all intents and purposes though, his career is over.

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    Re: OT - T.O. burns another bridge

    I thought he was a partial owner of the team and this was primarilly a publicity thing (his signing). Not sure how he can recoup his investment if he doesn't show.. maybe I'm missing something
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    Re: OT - T.O. burns another bridge

    Let's put the "badness" that is T.O. in perspective... The link don't lie. He ain't all that bad.

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