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    How do you define best year? I would argue that he and the Ravens had a more productive rushing attack in 2009. He average 5.3 ypc vs 4.7 ypc this past year. He had 5 less TDs but McGahee picked up 12 as a backup running back. Statistically he may have higher numbers because he was on the field more but the Ravens offense was far less productive. Total team rushing yards was 2200 to 1996. Rushing TDs were 22 in 2009 vs 15 in 2011.

    It was still a fullback led offense in 2009 but at least leRon had some value as an offensive weapon outside of just blocking. We have never seen Rice in an offense that utilizes TEs or H-backs instead of a FB.
    Not sure why you moved the goal posts here.

    You stated that Rice and Leach do not compliment each other. I argued Rice had his best year statistically since the addition of Leach. Why you've adjusted your point towards the entire Ravens rushing attack is mysterious at best.

    Harbs said bringing in Leach freed up Rice to not only be a rushing threat but to add a level to the receiving game we saw in 2009, with Rice being more involved.

    The stats bear this out. He saw increases in total yards, TD's and almost every other measurable. Both players credit each others great seasons to one another.

    Maybe sticking to your original premise would serve you better?
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