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    Seriously, Do The Ravens Need Vonta Leach?

    I know Vonta Leach is a beast at FB. He blows up holes and makes running lanes. He is an unsung hero on the Ravens offense for his dirty work. He signed a 3yr deal worth 11million dollars with the ravens.

    IMO i wouldnt have signed Leach. In the new age of the NFL, the FB position is becoming exstinct. Not because there's no good FB's left but the NFL has turn more into a passing leauge so power running teams and strageties are not the norm anymore.

    In Cam offense of scheme the FB will get carries and catches so why not go out and get a FB that has speed and can be an actual threat when he has the ball. We had one in Leron McClain but he wanted to leave. I would have not been upset if the Ravens had signed a TE and converted him to FB. Atleast we know he would have hands.

    IMO the Ravens could have signed a FB for less money who may not have been as good as leach but still as affective. Almost 3million dollars a year for a FB is a bit much and I can see why the Texans didnt want to resign him. I just think the Ravens could have spent their money a lil more wisely at this position. Especially if your stacking your offense with offensive weapons for Flacco. 3million dollars a year would have been enough money to sign a primary run blocking fullback and a dual threat FB and im sure our offensive would not have miss a beat. Probably would have been a bit more affective in Cam's scheme.

    Agree or disagree?
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