As this article states in the last sentence it's gonna be tough
for whomever the President is because of the change OBY
brought in his first 4 years like dividing the country amongst
class, income, race and sex like never before.

The debt has risen by $5T which is more than all the presidents put
together. That's $5T in 3 years. The debt is now at $16T and DEMs
are demanding a new raising on the debt ceiling as I now type.

If he wins there's no repeal of OBAMA CARE and the country
gets even worse with more debt on spending on entitlements
and other things. Under OBY at least half of US homes now
receive at least 1 form of well fare check and over 1M homes have
foreclosed and remain foreclosed. In Florida, 20% of all homes are

Difficult times continues no matter who wins thanks to these
4 nightmarish years.