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    Re: Who's set to break out next year?

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    Without a doubt Jimmy Smith. His level of play increased so much as the year progressed, he looked like a totally different player in the end. With an entire off-season in addition to a whole season under his belt, this kid will surprise people. Definitely takes advantage of William's injury and wins the starting job opposite Webb without looking back. He will play at a pro-bowl level this year. Too much talent, size, speed, and instincts to not make an impact.

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    Re: Who's set to break out next year?

    Also, he may only be a guard. But Kelechi Osemele is someone to look out for. Everyone is talking about DeCastro and Zeitler, but Osemele is bigger than both, and arguably more athletic being a left tackle in college. I think Osemele has all the potential to replace Grubbs and then some.

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    Re: Who's set to break out next year?

    The one reason why I won't pick McPhee is, because he'll likely be asked to play the run more this year. I don't know how he will handle that. They will try to use Jones for the run and McPhee against the pass, but some teams will force them to switch it up, in-game.

    Lardarius Webb broke out last year. This year, there are actually several players that you could choose from. For example, last year, Terrance Cody seemed to have a difficult time handling the increased snaps. From what I have read, Cody is now in better physical shape and condition for his responsibilities. Bernard Pollard was thought of as another Dawan Landry, someone looking for the big hit in run defense, who was a liability in coverage. He exceeded expectations last year, but I wouldn't say that he broke out last year. The obvious name would be Jimmy Smith, who looks every bit of the part. I would pick from one of those three guys.

    On offense, Michael Oher has a chance, just from not being moved to a new position this year, being able to focus more on RT. Anthony Allen has a chance, because he fits an immediate need in replacing Ricky Williams. So, as long as he continues to impress, the opportunities will be there. Torrey had a very good rookie season, but his ceiling is so high, I could certainly see him getting 80/1000/10. Joe really likes throwing to him.

    Along with that, however, if Torrey could improve upon his dropped passes, which he seemed to do later in the season, one would think that it is at least a possibility for Dickson to do that same.

    At the end of the day, on defense, I will this is a tough choice.

    On offense, I would like to pick Torrey, but there is no doubt that Torrey will be facing #1 CBs this year. I expect him to improve, but am still uncertain about how much he'll improve at getting off of the jam and so forth.

    The one guy that I will pick now is Dennis Pitta. He is a decent blocker who won't often get your RB killed. He has the best hands of anybody on the team. He and Joe have a very good chemistry. Plus, Pitta could see some favorable matchups with heightened attention toward Torrey.
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    Re: Who's set to break out next year?


    I think all 4 of those guys will make the pro bowl for the 1st time this year


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