Yesterday Kindle was asked if his loss of hearing impacts his performance.

Its a big deal. Im more acclimated with it now but were not in the stadium either.

The Ravens along with Kindle are trying to restore the competitive balance when it comes to his loss of hearing.

Were thinking of trying to get something cleared through the league either to put in my helmet or wear in my ear - but its up in the air right now, Kindle said.

When asked about what devise he was talking about, Kindle mentioned that it would be some sort of funnel to help amplify sound into his helmet.

Whether or not the implementation of this unique hearing device is successful, Kindle knows that now more than ever the team is counting on him to contribute.

Im always motived yearly, I just know now that Im more needed or maybe I feel like I need to step up because of who we lost and how much [Suggs] means to this team.