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    GOP discovers that Mitt could win

    Who would have thunk it?

    Man, this is a story from the DEMs own website - POLITICO.COM. It says GOPs have discovered that Mitt could win. Many high ranking officials are just realizing with so many prominent polls having both candidates tied or no one with more than a 5-point lead.

    There's also the growing realization from those polls about
    the country's concern that it is going in the wrong direction.
    OBY just hasn't been able to put Mitt away and after getting beat up in
    ugly primaries as his and Biden's gaffes continue.

    But there is always the electoral map showing OBY far ahead but as I said with OBY having trouble in the swing states
    and getting humiliated in Kentucky and Arnkansas and almost getting beat by a convict in W VA, Mitt will close that gap.

    They're now playing the race card as they did in 08 vs McCain.

    Also, don't forget what Dick Morris keeps talking about - the un-decides.
    They never vote for the incumbent and his poll taken of 6,000 of them
    show a sizeable lead for Mitt. So you have to add 10 points to whatever
    Mitt has in these other polls because none of them survey un-decideds.
    It could even be a land slide for Mitt in the popular vote.

    I have Mitt down for picking up NC, FLA, Ohio and VA and they're even in Michigan. Those states plus some others like PA pulls Mitt almost even in the map. Mitt could win Michigan like he did in their primary beating Santorum by focusing on jobs, something OBY cannot do and thus all the gaffes on side issues no one cares about.

    Just show us the money baby.

    From the DEMs site POLITICO.COM
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