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    Re: Ravens Beach Bash May 31-June 3

    what was the attendance like? can someone who ws there descibe the event?

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    Re: Ravens Beach Bash May 31-June 3

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    Re: Ravens Beach Bash May 31-June 3

    The Ravens Roost Convention was also last weekend. It was my 1st as a member of Roost 116. We had a blast with other Ravens fans. Except for the rain on Friday nite it was a good time. 1st time walking in the parade and that crowd was huge. Will be back for many more.

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    Re: Ravens Beach Bash May 31-June 3

    I'm sorry to say I didn't make it to any of the 1st Ravens Beach Bash events but the 47th Ravens Roost convention was Fanfreakintastic as usual! :happyanim

    I really wanted to go the Bacon & Beer thing with the 98 Rock Morning show 6-10am Friday morning, but I called ahead to see what they were having and found out they couldn't serve beer til 9am so we didn't go. A buddy of mine in RR 102 went and said they didn't have any bacon either lol! However, Mickey made up for it by buying everybody a beer at the end of it. They said they all had a really good time.

    Sect 502 - On Saturday there was at least 2,000 Fans at Castle in the Sand for the Roost convention, but the individual Roosts also have hospitality rooms at hotels all over OC. I'm sure there were over 4,000 Fans in town.

    On Friday and Saturday Ravens players Anthony Allen, Ed Dickson and Arthur Jones came up to Castle in the Sand. All of the truly terrific Ravens Cheerleaders were there. Our new Defensive Coordinator Dean Pees had some good football talk with the Fans and former Ravens SB XXXV players Kyle Richardson and Brad Jackson also showed up and hung out with us.

    Friday night was the Roost Karaoke contest. Because of the weather it was held in the huge tent at Castles. There were 500 screaming Ravens Fans packed in that thing. The player's limo driver sings the Star Spangled Banner every year and he's got a pretty good voice. Gradually, the number of Fans singing grew and grew until every American soul in that tent was proudly singing our National Anthem at the top of their lungs. It was a thing of beauty let me tell you. Then the Ravens players all took mikes and asked everybody to join in on Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" Man did they rock the house! Everybody in there belted out that tune in unison. Shit eatin grins were everywhere. :D Probably the highlight of the convention.

    My four year old grandson has cerebral palsy. When he saw him, Ed Dickson came right over and spent quite a bit of time playing with him and Kyle Richardson let him wear his Super Bowl ring. All three of them had a good laugh playing in the sand. I just want to say that both those gentlemen showed they are class acts and i am personally grateful.

    I stopped by Pit and Pub and had a beer with members of RR 56. They were putting their float together out back. Nice place. We also had a great time watching Nascar at De Lazy Lizzard and at Pickles Pub.

    Gotta give a shout out to Ravens Roost #5, Dundalk. They celebrated their 50th Anniversay this year, starting out as Colts Corral #5 in 1962. They are one of the many Colts Corrals who stayed together through 13 years without NFL football and eventually became Ravens Roosts. Congrats to you all!

    And congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens on their 1st Beach Bash! I also heard they had 40 Ravens players at a charity softball tournament this weekend. Way to go!
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