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    SH*T is gettin' real

    I have not followed this closely so I'd welcome any input if anyone has.

    But this article makes a good point about the leaks the NY Times is reporting about terror kill list.

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    Re: SH*T is gettin' real

    We got these WH leaks and fast and furious which is the gun running deal via the gov't that got into the Mexican cartels hands and killed a lot of people including a border patrol agent. That was 18 months ago and is more serious than the leaks. Whistle blowers informed congress about the gov't role in selling them or at least they
    knew who was doing it and covered it up.

    Back to the WH leaks, none of us will know for sure but there have been plenty of leaks and give a ways to the enemy with a lot of DEM presidents going back to FDR.
    Russia was just bragging about suit cases full of atomic secrets leaving the Los Alamos plant that gave them the bomb. Then a ton of Russian spies were found in FDRs state dept where leaks came from.

    Kennedy's CIA had a mole that told Castro where and when the Bay of Pigs invasion
    was going so he got his guns set up in time to stop it. He played on that beach as a
    boy and knew every inch of it.

    There was still a leak in the CIA when H Bush became Prez and he gave the agency
    two weeks to find it or just forget it. They weren't gonna talk about it anymore.

    Then there was all the top secret stuff Slick Willie gave the Chinese after they
    contributed to his campaign. That helped them catch up in the space race and
    getting more of a hi tech military. A lot of people wanted to try Clinton for
    treason but this is what so many of these DEM presidents do. FDR gave Stalin
    all of Eastern Europe plus the atomic bomb. That's why I keep saying the liberals
    are killing the country.

    I wouldn't be surprised if there is still a mole there and in the White House but that
    is just a guess.

    Back to Fast and Furious, Holder, the DOJ Chief just testified before Congress and got grilled. He only turned over half of the 14,000 documents Congress subpoenaed and
    he is accused of covering it up. Some whistle blower said the gov't knew and was
    involved in the gun walking to Mexican cartels and then covered it up and Holder is
    still covering up. He denies it of course but Congress says if they don't get the rest of
    the documents by July they could arrest Holder for contempt of Congress.

    You just can't believe what any of these DEMs say, especially the white house.

    I'm not ready to hit OBY with these WH leaks, not yet but I bet at the very least
    there's a mole on his staff that is doing the dirty deed. Someone he trusts.
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    Re: SH*T is gettin' real

    Here's a ton of links on the wh leaks.

    Even the FBI is looking into it.

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    Re: SH*T is gettin' real

    Here we go, I told you so.

    Two days after I called it above Congress set to schedule contempt
    vote on HOlder for fast and furious. I tell you, something stinks in this gov't from
    the top on down.


    This time, the dispute stems from Holder failing to turn over documents subpoenaed on October 12, 2011 in the Fast and Furious "gunwalking" investigation.


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