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    Re: All-time Ravens "dream team"

    Quote Originally Posted by LukeDaniel View Post
    I'm leaning towards letting Landry in and letting Demps (write in), Herring, Leonhard, and Pollard battle it out for the last spot. I think time has blurred our memory a bit of how darn Landry was prior to his neck injury.
    I'll put my two cents in...
    All along, we have needed a big hitter back there.
    Even though our guys have come up and delivered some big hits, to me, Pollard is that guy we have been missing all along.
    We were told he was bad in coverage, but this year seemed to show differently.
    He manhandled receivers and added a physical presence we have always lacked.
    And he came up to the line and delivered big hits as well as dropped into coverage and made plays.
    If you make an alltime team, if you need a big run stopper to come in, in place of an Ed Reed or Woodson, I would think you want the bigger Pollard at 225, who showed he can cover, too.
    I think he will have an even bigger impact in every aspect of the defense after digesting the playbook and playing more with his instincts and experience while blending all of that with getting used to his surrounding teammates.

    So, I vote for Pollard 2011. He made the play (tip the ball away in the endzone) to help give the ball back to Joe to give us the chance to go to the super bowl. It was the Patriots attempt at putting the game out of reach.
    And he is a huge reason the Ravens were 12-4 AND was a big part of the Ravens defense doing enough to stop Brady and his unstoppable tightends (media) to get to the super bowl.
    And I will not forget his encounter with Hines Ward.

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    Re: All-time Ravens "dream team"

    Lets finish off the Oline

    Odgen (2000)-Grubbs (2010)-Jason Brown (2008)-Yanda (2011)-Zeus (1996)

    Reserves- Wally Williams (1996), and Jarred Gaither (2008)

    We should also do separate dream teams in the Billick and Harbuagh era.
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    Re: All-time Ravens "dream team"

    I know the '96 Defense was bad but Eric Turner deserves a reserve spot (RIP).

    Backup QB: Vinny Testaverde 1996
    3rd RB: Willis McGahee 2007


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