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    BACKLASH POLL: Mitt 7 pt lead

    Remember, I was the first in here to call for a land slide. With all
    the crap OBYs been pulling with the kill and now gay marriage,
    Rasmussen has MItt ahead by 7 points - 50-43%.

    That doesnt count the un-decideds, which none of the polls
    include. Throw them in and you can add 10 pts. Un-decideds
    have never voted for the incumbent.

    And don't forget the Ohio State thread where OBY spoke before a near
    empty stadium.

    I also have a thread quoting Carville telling the DEMs to wake up or
    they will lose big. He was the brains behind Clinton's election.

    Dick Morris also said it will be a land slide. He was Clinton's Chief of
    Staff and got him to go along with Newt to balance the budget. He said
    you will get the credit, not the Congress and he was right.

    Gallup had Mitt with a 8 pt lead before this one.

    The country is getting sick of this commie.
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