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Nice try. Please go through where anyone is trying to turn this into a debate about Christianity other than you.

And yet again you're pretending to play stupid. You know damn well I am not saying religion should regulate marriages, but the EXACT OPPOSITE, if people wanted to be recognized in government it needs to be separate. Did you read the thread?
I think you need to read the thread. You have this inherent and incorrect belief that a governement official such as a judge can't "marry" someone but they can. In some states simple notaries can "marry' people. The only government intervention is the one that PROHIBITS marriage between gay people. By allowing gays to marry, you are actually LIFTING government intervention and removing government from the equation. For some reason you think government prohibiting marriage is lack of government intervention while government backing out and thus allowing all people to marry is somehow government getting involved. The ONLY reason government prevents gay people from marrying is because of the church so therefore the church and yes, the christian church in this country, is driving the government intervention that prohibits a behavior. No government intervention equals marriage for all.

Your problem, just like every other connie on this thread, is that gay marriage isn't a conservative ideology so you have to find something wrong about it so you go to the typical "Big Scary Government getting involved is wrong" when really your problem is something else. What it is I don't know but there is no government intervention in allowing gays to marry.

Government intervention in most cases restricts behavior and it is exactly what is happening here. No government intervention usually means freedoms such as the freedom to marry. This is why I joke you guys for your "liberty" fetish because you wouldn't know liberty if it hit you in the head. Restricting people from marrying who they want is a lack of liberty in this country.

It is consistent with Obama's secular and intellectual approach to politics to come out in support of gay marriage. I have always had a problem with Obama stance on this but understood his quasi-support of it was simply politics. His full support of it, without getting into the legality of rights etc., was the perfect statement. This is something I could care less about how it polls and more about him doing what folks like myself see as the right thing to do. For many people, this is a transformative moment and I am happy for them. You guys can dawdle around with finding ways to condemn it. I would expect nothing less and good luck. Allowing people who love each to fully marry is what liberty is all about. Its been a great day.