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    Romney gets the coveted "W" endorsement

    Is this more pandering to the evnagelicals? or is it "W" just forgetting ot be quiet? Of course it comes from an elevator heading down

    Im for Mitt Romney, Bush told ABC News this morning as the doors of an elevator closed on him, after he gave a speech on human rights a block from his old home the White House.

    I wonder how much the Dubbs bump will be?

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    Re: Romney gets the coveted "W" endorsement

    And people say I hate OBY.

    Pandering to the evangelicals?

    LOL - It was W who kept over 10M evangelicals from voting that gave OBY the
    WH in the last election and full control of congress back to the DEMs when they didn't vote in 06 after W came out with his immigration plan which is exactly like the DEMs.

    It was James Dobson of Focus in the Family who led the Christians in boycotting
    the elections but they cut their own throats because it led to OBUMMER CARE.

    Fortunately, the SC will bail them out when they strike it down thanks to the
    Conservative judges put in by Nixon and Reagan.

    It was OBY giving the evangelicals back to Mitt in the greatest f*ck up in history, most of them will be back in force.

    It has to do with OBY giving Mitt their votes, nothing to do with W.

    As usual Galen - you care clueless.
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