One thing for sure, Galen will never show his face to board members. I tried to wager
a steak dinner years ago or tried to get some guys together and he would have none of

I lost a dinner bet to Fred Grau on the last election and paid for him and his son.
McCain was 2 pts ahead and he said put your money where your mouth did so I said
OK. Then the market crashed and the economy and OBY won. If that market could have
waited 4 more weeks McCain would have won it. He was ahead when it crashed.

I also lost a case of beer on the Dayne bet. Years ago I bet a guy on another board
that Ravens would draft Ron Dayne over Jamal Lewis. Hey man, my reasoning was
correct. Jamal was injury prone and he cost us SB 36 when he went down first week
of practice so I was right-lol.