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    Quote Originally Posted by LC_Ravens_87 View Post
    Biggest problem for the Ravens in that game was obviously Vince Wilfork and the general inability of the O-Line to run Block. Couple key pressures of Flacco as well on 3rd downs. ...
    And for me that goes to the real issue of 2011 (and 2010), which was the inconsistent O-Line. Leaving Cameron and whatever idiosyncracies we have come to hate after 4 years, this O-Line is what held back the offense last year. ... Too many sacks/pressures; no push in the running game; overall bad offensive performance. ... Bad O-Line play is like the hidden stench in your car. It's not always obvious, but if it persists, its hard to overcome. ...
    Somebody posted the Ravens highest scoring season was 2009. What's happened to the O-Line since then?
    Gaither--Gone [replacement: McKinnie]
    Grubbs--Gone (injured for what 1/3 of the year in 2011) [replacement: Rookie or 2nd year converted Tackle]
    Birk--3 Years older
    Oher--Slight Progression maybe???
    And their 3 weakest O-Line spots last year were all next to each other last year, same will probably be true this year. Hopefully, this latest O-Line rebuild by Ozzie will be close to as successful as the last one in the 2007 Draft which netted Grubbs, Yanda, and Gaither (what an O-Line draft)
    Fabulous post. Yes.

    I was as aggravated as everyone else during the season. But now when I look back at last year, Cam's performance starts to look pretty good, when you factor in Lee Evans' injury / ineffectiveness, Grubbs' injury, Gurode & McKinnie's weakness, Boldin's cartilage issue, Vonta Leach's nonperformance in the passing game, and Ed Dickson's drops. People wanted the Ravens to use more 3-WR sets, but when Evans was injured who was our 3rd WR? And when he came back he sucked.

    In 2008 and 2009 we had a young, powerful O-line. And we thought Cam was doing a good job. Since then our O-line has deteriorated, and so has our opinion of Cam. It was high time we devoted some high draft picks to the O-line again. I hope it works out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelerhater View Post
    Its been his whole "play not to lose" personna that's infected the team. Some of those games shouldn't have come down to the plays that cost us.
    Cam's playcalling wasted the entire first quarter of the AFCC game. "Let's run on first and second down on our early possessions- they'll never expect that!"


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