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    Another major blunder: OBY speaks in empty stadium

    Well, would you believe half empty? Would you believe about 1/3
    empty. How about just a few people?

    At any rate there were tons of empty seats in Ohio State's stadium as OBY kicked off his campaign. Not a good way to begin, especially in this important swing state.

    Over 35,000 appeared in 2010 when he campagined for their Guv
    but no more. Maybe they were out looking for jobs and a place
    to live after losing their homes.

    Speaking of which I just saw another vacant house in our development and the damn bank isn't cutting the grass either.
    That's the 4th empty house in our neighborhood.

    My mom hasn't seen that since the 30s when so many on her
    street move out.

    These polls that have OBY tied with Mitt have got to be wrong,
    especially if you go by this pic of a near empty stadium and all these empty
    houses - over 1M nationwide.

    Remember Galen bragging about all the huge crowds during
    the last campaign?

    No mas.
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