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I have to go with Rice. Cam would be completely lost without Ray Rice. He'd turn Flacco into Mark Sanchez. This offense completely revolves around Ray Rice.
I'm seeing this theme repeated a lot, but how do you explain the long stretches of games, or WHOLE GAMES, where Rice was either utterly ineffective or didn't even get the ball, yet the offense still moved down the field?

I cited several examples earlier and I haven't seen any of them answered. Final drive vs. Pittsburgh: Rice did not catch a ball or rush the ball one time, yet we moved 92 yards and scored a TD. vs. Arizona, for much of the game we were running the short passing game, Ray Rice had a few catches and punched in 3 short yardage TDs but was he really the straw that stirred the drink in that game? I submit Boldin, Pitta, and Flacco carried us in that game. Moreover vs. Houston and vs. New England in the playoffs Rice did absolutely nothing, yet we beat Houston (off 2 passing TDs and a great defensive performance) and were 1 dropped pass away from beating New England (again, 2 passing TDs.)

So if you don't think Flacco and the passing game can take over a game, you weren't watching. I'm not saying they can CONSISTENTLY do it, certainly not, but it has happened. We have won games without Ray Rice and I suspect we can continue to do so.