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    Re: Training Camp and Practices for the Public

    I met with Bisciotti 10 years ago and told him to build the Castle. He did it but it wasn't
    my idea.

    Seriously, there's a lot of history at Westminister going back to the old Colts which is why
    Art moved the practices back there when he came. Arty tells the story how
    some players were standing in line at the movies and a rookie came up from behind and
    pulled his pants down and ran away. He wasn't wearning underwear and some old women
    were shocked. The player was so fast Fatso couldn't catch him and didn't even try.

    I went to many practices then with my dad and uncles and
    most of them when the Ravens came til 2 years ago. When I retired it was great to get
    out there early in the morning and plunk my chair down and watch the events and see
    the players and get autographs although some like Joe never sign for adults, only kids
    and their moms. Same with Steve Mcnair. he went down the fence signing for all the kids
    until he came to some men and he walked away. I remember Ed Reed getting ready to leave
    after signing for an hour when someone gave him their baby and he held it up and took pics with him in the blistering heat. Reed was always special at the practices, same with Ray and many others.

    I remember Fassil walking up the steps to his car after each practice instead of going into
    the gym with his players. He signed my SB 35 hat next to Billick's name and I asked him
    when he was going to get Boller to stop telegraphing his throws. he said what makes you
    do think that. I described why and he said well, he's not.

    The next day comcast wired Fassil and Boller and he says we're going to work on not
    telegraphing your throws. It's pretty bad when a fan described to me in detail how you're
    doing it after practice. What do you think the defense is doing? That was the day
    after Ed Reed intercepted two Boller passes in practice. LOL.

    The Friday night scrimmages were great. There were only a few thousand there in the beginning so the guys on the old scout board would get together and watch the game and
    then go to Greg's pool party the next day. Even when the game was over we just sat
    around and talked football for an hour letting the traffic get a head start. As that traffic
    grew they had to move it downtown and I never went again.

    It was a great time by all and 3 or 4 instead of having them every day really sucks.

    We can thank the lockout for that.
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    Re: Training Camp and Practices for the Public

    Quote Originally Posted by TurtlesNBirds View Post
    Hey I give you credit for planting the seed in Bisciotti's head! Well done.
    Thanks, but he already had the idea and has ultimately followed through. Having grown up on the other side of the Severn, Steve was already quite familiar with the stadium in Annapolis. Actually, now that I just scratched my head: what we were talking about was getting an annual Redskins-Ravens scrimmage in Annapolis, with the anticipated difficulties with the egotist Snyder and getting the Redskins to cede territory which they had considered to be theirs after the Colts left town. This was just a few weeks after he joined as minority partner, and had wandered down to an event held by our local Ravens fan club - I believe his first public appearance with Ravens fans as minority team owner.

    Since Trap thinks this is just bullshit, here are a couple photos of Steve at our event:

    Bisciotti & Rad.jpg


    In a 2003 BBC poll that asked Brits to name the "Greatest American Ever", Mr. T came in fourth, behind ML King (3rd), Abe Lincoln (2nd) and Homer Simpson (1st).

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    Re: Training Camp and Practices for the Public

    I was only kidding T. Geesh.

    I remember that meeting with the old Nest club.
    Bisciotti was always a cool guy.
    Sirius Radio just called him the coolest owner.
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