Colleges reject living student because they insist he's dead
2 hrs ago
High school senior Corbin Russell has his college applications filled out, an upcoming graduation ceremony to attend and what looks to be a promising future ahead of him. Except for one problem: Records show he is dead. The Nebraska teenager, who is in fact very much alive, has repeatedly had college applications rejected due to an incident two years ago when his Social Security number was used in a death benefit claim for a deceased South Carolina man. Credit agencies and other record-keeping institutions show he is dead, and all three major credit reporting companies say documentation is needed to resolve the issue (though after the news broke, Sen. Mike Johanns was able to help get Russell's Free Application for Student Aid approved).

Without making any kind of political statement, I have to wonder; would he have more luck registering to vote? Sadly, I think he would. On another tack, I wonder if he gets his college application fees back when they insist he's dead?