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    Re: How does Pee's react?

    I remember how Patriot fans hated Dean Pees. The Fairbanks-Bullough defense that Pees is familiar with fits with the Ravens 2 gap scheme so not much is going to change even with Suggs gone.

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    Re: How does Pee's react?

    Quote Originally Posted by Raven Maniac View Post
    Exactly, the talent is there it just needs to show up on game day.
    Apparently w/ Kindle, it also needs to show up in practice. The dude was a game day inactive most of the season. He's had some bad breaks. Narcolepsey is not his fault ,and to the extent it has been involved in his driving into walls or falling down stairs, he gets a pass. However, booze and bad judgements could also explain such mishaps. Methinks he's not the brightest bulb on the string, which could account for both his difficulty mastering NFL defensive schemes and the misadventures. We the fans will never know for sure. Let's hope for no more boo-boos, and that a normal/full off-season and TC gets him ready to take advantage of the bad situation of Suggs going down, cause it's all hands on deck time.

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    Re: How does Pee's react?

    Quote Originally Posted by wickedsolo View Post
    I may be alone in this thought, but IMO the guy who needs to step up the most is not Kindle or Kruger or Upshaw. It's Art Jones.

    When Corey Redding was out there on the field and able to really get into it and generate pass rush the entire defense played a lot better. Jones is bigger than Redding, but he's pretty damn athletic too. He'll likely be a starter with McPhee working in behind him.

    Art Jones could really be a major catalyst for opening things up along the DL for Ngata, Cody, Kruger, Upshaw, and whoever else.


    Excellent point. Everyone is so focused on Kindle, Kruger and Upshaw. If Jones and McPhee can take the next step and be disruptive that is going to help the guys on the outside and open up a lot for them
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    Re: How does Pee's react?

    This could put more emphasis on getting quality run defense from the big guys up front, which could lead to more snaps for Jones, over McPhee.
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    Re: How does Pee's react?

    We aren't going to replace Suggs quality of play against the run, you just can't replace an all pro player like that with young players/rookies.

    However don't forget that Upshaw's speciality in college was stuffing the run, not rushing the passer. Also don't sleep on kruger, he hasn't really been giving the chance to defend the run as he's usually been a situational passer, or playing out of position as a 5 tech guy, Kindle was also solid against the run in college, even if he was more known as a pass rusher. It would not surprise me to see him being at least decent against the run. You also have Cody and Ngata clogging up the middle, with a certain somebody in the name of Ray Lewis who is still a top 3 run defender at the ILB position in the league. Jameel McClain is also really good in run defense, and ultimately this defense is still going to be stout against the run IMO, at least top 10 which is good enough in a passing league.

    It's going to be interesting to see the front 7 with this size.

    Terrence Cody, 6'4 349 lbs.
    Haloti Ngata, 6'4 333 lbs.
    Arthur Jones, 6'3 313 lbs.
    Ray Lewis, 6'1 251 lbs.
    Jameel McClain, 6'1 245 lbs.
    Paul Kruger, 6'4, 265 lbs.
    Courtney Upsahw, 6'2 272 lbs.

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    Re: How does Pee's react?

    Quote Originally Posted by JimZipCode View Post
    Is Michael McAdoo going to bring anything, this year?
    Apparently, the physical tools are there, but McAdoo's NFL performance footprint and NFL media footprint are just about zero. The first we hear about him doing anything will be the first we hear about him doing anything.

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    Re: How does Pee's react?

    Quote Originally Posted by The Excellector View Post
    This could put more emphasis on getting quality run defense from the big guys up front, which could lead to more snaps for Jones, over McPhee.
    Ex (and wicked), I've been high on Arthur Jones since he was drafted, as I can see you are. I'd like to see Jones on 1st/2nd downs, with McPhee at the same 3rd down position (rushing the passer) he was in 2011 replacing Redding... Bc

  8. Re: How does Pee's react?

    Courtney Upshaw, and Paul Kruger... I fully expect both guys to play well.

    If all goes well, and the stays healthy, i expect them to have a huge impact.
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    Re: How does Pee's react?

    If you are interested, Peter King tried to put a positive spin on how the Ravens respond to losing Suggs. A blurb from his piece...

    It's likely that Upshaw, one inch shorter and 10 pounds heavier than Suggs, will take his right-side (End? Linebacker? Suggs plays a hybrid spot on the right side) rush spot from opening day. That would leave McPhee and Kruger on the left side to rush, and that's not such a bad thing. They combined for 11.5 sacks in just 762 defensive snaps last year (the snap count per, and the Ravens were already thinking about giving the precocious McPhee more playing time this year anyway. Surely Upshaw as a rookie won't be able to be as productive as Suggs as a vet, but he did have 9.5 sacks and 18 tackles behind the line for Alabama last year, and he'll have the benefit of a stout defense around him.
    One other point from Pro Football Focus to consider. Last season, in 375 fewer combined snaps than Suggs, McPhee and Kruger, according to the football website that charts every individual play in the game, had 49 quarterbacks hits and pressures -- the exact same number as Suggs. Maybe if they play more they won't be able to mathematically increase the production, particularly without Suggs on the other side for offenses to worry about. That's why Upshaw should be one of the most significant rookies in the league this year.
    I think King is probably too quick to gloss over the impact Suggs has on getting extra attention and freeing up Kruger and McPhee to do damage on the opposite side. Also, those younger players are just coming in on passing downs for the most part. Suggs is getting those extra 400 or so snaps on the mostly running plays when the other two are not in, so of course he's not getting extra sacks on those extra snaps.

    However, nice to see King being positive about Upshaw's impact. Truth is that losing Suggs will make it harder for Courtney to make an impact as a rookie, but he may be better suited for the rush end role instead of the SAM role that JJ manned.


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