We aren't going to replace Suggs quality of play against the run, you just can't replace an all pro player like that with young players/rookies.

However don't forget that Upshaw's speciality in college was stuffing the run, not rushing the passer. Also don't sleep on kruger, he hasn't really been giving the chance to defend the run as he's usually been a situational passer, or playing out of position as a 5 tech guy, Kindle was also solid against the run in college, even if he was more known as a pass rusher. It would not surprise me to see him being at least decent against the run. You also have Cody and Ngata clogging up the middle, with a certain somebody in the name of Ray Lewis who is still a top 3 run defender at the ILB position in the league. Jameel McClain is also really good in run defense, and ultimately this defense is still going to be stout against the run IMO, at least top 10 which is good enough in a passing league.

It's going to be interesting to see the front 7 with this size.

Terrence Cody, 6'4 349 lbs.
Haloti Ngata, 6'4 333 lbs.
Arthur Jones, 6'3 313 lbs.
Ray Lewis, 6'1 251 lbs.
Jameel McClain, 6'1 245 lbs.
Paul Kruger, 6'4, 265 lbs.
Courtney Upsahw, 6'2 272 lbs.