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    Re: How does Pee's react?

    Not trying to rain on anyone's parade here, but I'm not ready to place the level of hope in Kindle that others seem to be doing. Here we have a guy who's 2 1/2 years removed from doing serious defensive snaps as a college star. His playing time with the Ravens last year was highly limited after doing nothing in 2010. We know there's a hearing issue (seems to be some question about the severity) and completely apart from that, the combination of an exceptionally long layoff in the wake of his injury raises serious questions about whether he can ever regain his college form, let alone play at NFL-level. OK, maybe JJ or another player was quoted as saying he was "tearing it up" in practice. First, that's a very subjective off the cuff assessment, and secondly, it was just that -- practice.

    Yes, Kindle will have his chance now. And hopefully I'll be proven wrong. But I'm no where near being convinced. I really have to wonder if the Ravens will find someone else this summer to use at OLB who would get more playing time than Kindle. In fact, had Suggs not gone down I wonder if Kindle would have even made the team in 2012.

    Whether it's Kindle, another guy on the current roster, or a summer FA signing, Suggs can be substituted for but cannot be replaced in terms of effectiveness. It'll be up to Pees & Co. to make effective adjustments. Talk about a challenge for the first year DC -- I think how that turns out will really tell the story of the 2012 season for the Ravens defense.
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