My friends and fellow Raven fans, calm down. The reason for depth signings is to fill in for starters who are out of the rotation. Terrell Suggs, is a force. Not having him WILL impact our team but his absence WILL NOT BREAK US. Ozzie Newsome values his draft picks and has a salary cap that he has to work with; big name trades, for starting caliber players, will require cutting some good players and giving up CONSIDERABLE draft picks next year. Those are not things that Ozzie is likely to do, ESPECIALLY for a ONE YEAR problem. Kruger CAN START, Upshaw will be groomed as a starter ANYWAY. We have guys that were brought in because they can contribute, there aren't any "scrubs" on this team. Even though 55 won't be lining up, we still have young lions ready and willing to step their game up and make an impact. Tandon Doss, LaQuan Williams, David Reed and now, Tommy Streeter, could end up as our 3, 4 and 5 WRs. If so, we'll be ok. Vincent Jackson wasn't drafted high, neither was Wes Welker; they got their chances and MADE THE MOST OF THEM. A lot of us know the mantra, "In Ozzie We Trust"; the trust will be tested this year, more than usually. Monday, September 10, 2012, John Harbaugh will take the field with his Ravens, whatever the lineup is. Just relax for now, trust the FO and get ready for another season at M&T!