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    Re: Saints Player Suspensions Announced

    This ain't going to go anywhere and, quite frankly, is very sad. Sounds a lot like a shakedown, designed to get a quick pay out.

    Vilma is going to have a hard time arguing that he isn't a public figure. And if Goodell believes that the case, facts and evidence leads him to believe that Vilma did do these things, then he's acting in good faith and free of defamation.

    And what injury has Vilma suffered from Goodell speaking about the investigation and it's findings?
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    Re: Saints Player Suspensions Announced

    Quote Originally Posted by arnie_uk View Post
    your missing the whole point, i was using by way of example that vilma was instigating taking players out by laying that $10k on the table, isnt that something that deserves punishment? that was my original point i was making to blah who say he disagrees with that
    Let's try to clear things up. I believe the suspension of Vilma is too long. Secondly, I believe that the claims of Vilma intentionally trying to hurt/injure someone are blown way out of proportion. I maintain that in most if not all NFL locker rooms there is (or was anyway) a money pool. Players try to hit other players as hard as they possibly can in an effort to knock them out of the game. What I am not convinced of, is that the money pot led to any kind of increase of illegal hits that normally wouldn't occur. For that kind of suspension I would need to see illegal hits that can be traced back to Vilma's monetary encouragement. I would also like to see punishment of the player who actually delivered the illegal hit similar to that of Vilma's. Has any Saint player been suspended anywhere near 1 full year of service for an illegal hit?


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