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I am not gloating. Just reminding that many on this board wanted him cut in August. The fact is that he is already the best return man the Ravens have had since Jermaine Lewis and he's proven to be a solid #3 receiver. Could he still mess up at a critical time? Sure...but it's not like Boldin hasn't dropped crucial passes in crunch time, or Rice hasn't fumbled in playoff games, or Flacco hasn't thrown a pick-6 in an AFC Championship game.

There was another thread from August that was almost comical in it's "I told you so" nature, even before anything had even happened!

As I said in that thread - perhaps, we should all just wait and see what happens before we decide whether signing Jones was a good or bad move.

So far, the results have been fantastic, but there's certainly still plenty of time for it to go south.

Whether that happens, remains to be seen........